What does Carol mean?

Carol meaning in General Dictionary

a little wardrobe or inclosure built against a window on the internal part to sit set for research The word had been made use of as belated since the 16th century The expression carrel of the identical features largely superseded its use

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  • To sing esp to sing joyfully to warble
  • A round party
  • sing carols
  • joyful religious tune celebrating the delivery of Christ
  • a joyful tune (usually celebrating the delivery of Christ)
  • A round party.
  • A song of delight, exultation, or mirth; a lay.
  • A song of praise of commitment; because, a Christmas or Easter carol.
  • Joyful songs, as of a song.
  • To praise or celebrate in song.
  • To sing, specially with joyful notes.
  • To sing; esp. to sing joyfully; to warble.
  • Alt. of Carrol

Carol meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Female

Carol meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "joyful track," additionally "dance in a ring," from Old French carole "kind of party in a ring, circular dance followed closely by singers," possibly from Medieval Latin choraula "a-dance on flute," from Latin choraules "flute-player," from Greek khoraules "flute player whom accompanies the choral dance," from khoros "chorus" (identify chorus) + aulein "to play the flute," from aulos "reed tool" (see alveolus). This is "Christmas time hymn of joy" is attested from c.1500.

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  • masc. proper name, from Medieval Latin Carolus (see Charles). As a fem. correct title, an abbreviation of Caroline. The masc. name never has been popular in U.S.; the fem. type ended up being common after c.1900 and was a top-10 title for U.S. women produced 1936-1950.
  • c.1300, "to dancing in a band," from Old French caroler, from carole (see carol (letter.)). As "to sing" from belated 14c. Related: Caroled; caroling.

Sentence Examples with the word Carol

Realises sous la regne de Sa Majeste le Roi Carol I.

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