What does Carnivore mean?

Carnivore meaning in General Dictionary

One of the Carnivora

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  • a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal
  • any pet that feeds on flesh
  • one of several Carnivora.

Carnivore meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"flesh-eating pet," 1839, from French carnivore (16c.), from Latin carnivorus "flesh-eating" (see carnivorous).

Carnivore meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

US FBI software tool that allows the FBI in cooperation with online sites services to comply with court requests requiring the assortment of particular details about emails or any other digital information to or from a specific user. Carnivore ended up being initially generally Omnivore and soon after had been transitioned into Carnivore when moving from Solaris X86 os's to Windows NT operating systems.

Sentence Examples with the word Carnivore

Another carnivore of very similar habits, the Indian mongoose (Herpestus griseus or H.

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