What does Carnivora mean?

Carnivora meaning in General Dictionary

An order of Mammallia such as the lion tiger wolf bear seal etc they have been adjusted by their construction to feed upon flesh although some of these as the bears in addition eat veggie food tooth are large and razor-sharp suited to cutting flesh and jaws effective

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  • cats; lions; tigers; panthers; puppies; wolves; jackals; bears; raccoons; skunks; and people in the suborder Pinnipedia
  • an order of Mammallia like the lion, tiger, wolf bear, seal, etc. They truly are adjusted by their particular structure to feed upon flesh, although some of those, while the bears, also consume vegetable meals. The teeth are huge and sharp, suited to cutting skin, therefore the jaws effective.

Carnivora meaning in Etymology Dictionary

order of mammals, 1830, from Latin (animalia) carnivora "flesh-eating (animals)," neuter plural of carnivorus (see carnivorous). Applied as the scientific name of a large order of flesh-eating mammals by French naturalist Georges L

Sentence Examples with the word Carnivora

The finest and closest wools are possessed by the amphibious Carnivora and Rodentia, viz.

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