What does Carnelian mean?

Carnelian meaning in General Dictionary

A variety of chalcedony of a definite deep purple skin red or reddish-white shade It is reasonably hard capable of a great polish and sometimes employed for seals

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  • a translucent purple or orange number of chalcedony
  • multiple chalcedony, of an obvious, deep red, skin red, or reddish-white color. It is averagely difficult, with the capacity of good polish, and sometimes utilized for seals.

Carnelian meaning in Names Dictionary

A red gem.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Carnelian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"red variety of chalcedony," variant of cornelian, changed by impact of Latin carnem "flesh" because of its shade.

Carnelian meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Like many gemstones, carnelian possesses a number of different symbolic meanings.

Sentence Examples with the word Carnelian

Of stones that were accounted precious Sinai produced turquoise and the Egyptian deserts garnet, carnelian and jasper.

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