What does Carmine mean?

Carmine meaning in General Dictionary

an abundant purple or crimson shade with a shade of purple

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  • of a shade at the end of the colour range (next to orange); resembling colour of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies
  • shade carmine
  • a variable shade averaging a vivid red
  • an abundant purple or crimson color with a shade of purple.
  • an attractive pigment, or a lake, with this shade, ready from cochineal, and found in mini painting.
  • the primary color concept of cochineal, extracted as a purple-red amorphous mass. It is a glucoside and possesses acid properties; -- therefore called in addition carminic acid.

Carmine meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Carmine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1712, originally for the dyestuff, from French carmin (12c.), from Medieval Latin carminium, from Arabic qirmiz "crimson" (see kermes). Form affected in Latin by minium "red lead, cinnabar," a word reported to be of Iberian source. As an adjective from 1737; as a color name from 1799.

Sentence Examples with the word Carmine

Vita carmine expressa (pp. lxxxi.- xcix.), written by Hobbes at the age of eighty-four (first published by itself in 1680).

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