What does Carminative mean?

Carminative meaning in General Dictionary

A substance esp an aromatic which sometimes expel wind from the alimentary canal or to ease colic griping or flatulence

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  • Expelling wind through the body warming antispasmodic
  • relieving gas inside alimentary region (colic or flatulence or griping)
  • medication that stops the forming of gas in alimentary tract or eases its passing
  • Expelling wind through the body; warming; antispasmodic.
  • A substance, esp. an aromatic, which has a tendency to expel wind from the alimentary canal, or to relieve colic, griping, or flatulence.

Carminative meaning in Medical Dictionary

a real estate agent that stops or relieves flatulence (gasoline when you look at the gastrointestinal system) and, in babies, can help into the treatment of colic. The origin of word "carminative" is especially curious. It had been borrowed through the French carminatif (masc.), carminative (fem.). Virtually all English-language dictionaries state that the French took your message through the Latin carminare, to card wool. But a respected French dictionary Le Petit Robert indicates that carminare designed nettoyer, to clean. The confusion generally seems to stem from undeniable fact that to card wool was to cleanse it. Thus, a carminative cleanses the bowels.

Carminative meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from Latin carminat- (last participle stem of carminare "to card," from carmen, genitive carminis, "a card for wool or flax," that will be related to carrere "to card;" see card (v.2)) + -ive. As a noun from 1670s.u000du000au000du000aa medical term from old principle of humours. The object of carminatives would be to expel wind, nevertheless the concept had been they dilute and relax the gross humours from whence the wind arises, combing them aside like knots in wool. [Hensleigh Wedgwood, "A Dictionary of English Etymology," 1859-65]

Sentence Examples with the word Carminative

Its only important application in medicine is as a carminative to lessen the griping caused by some purgatives such as aloes.

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