What does Carmen mean?

Carmen meaning in Names Dictionary

Spanish type of Carmel, affected by the Latin word carmen, "song".
Name Origin: Spanish
Name Gender: Female

Carmen meaning in Law Dictionary

in Roman law. Virtually, a verse or song. A formula or kind of words used on different events, since divorce. Tayl. Civil-law, 349.

Carmen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

French opera by Georges Bizet (1838-1875), premiered in Paris March 3, 1875. As an effective title, it could express (especially in Italian and Spanish) a diminutive of Carmel/Carmelo or Latin carmen "song, poem, incantation, oracle" (see allure (letter.)).

Carmen - German to English

carmen [song, poem, incantation]

Sentence Examples with the word Carmen

He hesitantly announced to Carmen one evening that he wanted to learn to play a guitar.

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