What does Carmelite mean?

Carmelite meaning in General Dictionary

A friar of a mendicant purchase your order of Our woman of Mount Carmel established on Mount Carmel in Syria within the twelfth century a White Friar

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  • Of or related to the order of Carmelites
  • of or relating to the Carmelite friars
  • a Roman Catholic friar putting on the white cloak of the Carmelite order; mendicant preachers
  • Alt. of Carmelin
  • A friar of a mendicant order (your order of your Lady of Mount Carmel) founded on Mount Carmel, in Syria, inside twelfth century; a White Friar.
  • A nun of Order of your lady of Mount Carmel.

Carmelite meaning in Urban Dictionary

an individual who attends Carmel university in St Helens, Merseyside and conforms towards the vast majority gown sense of people who attend, listening to similar music (usually indie rock).

Carmelite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from Medieval Latin Carmelites, person in an order of mendicant friars (White Friars) founded 12c. by Berthold of Calabria on Mount Carmel with what happens to be northwest Israel.

Sentence Examples with the word Carmelite

On the mount of Olives are the Russian church, tower and hospice, near the chapel of the Ascension; the French Paternoster church; the Carmelite nunnery; and the Russian church of St Mary Magdalene, near Gethsemane.

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