What does Carlsbad, New Mexico mean?

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1. Carlsbad, brand new Mexico may be the small town found in the south-eastern part of the state New Mexico. Known for its caverns and terrible smell. Carlsbad also shares its edge using the state of Texas, wherein its folks adopt the politics of "oil freaks".It's residence to 1 of this highest percentages of coal and oil workers in the usa, leading to the populace become increased percentage of assholes. Alongside leading the country in rabies there are a plethora of unwanted things while seeing.Since the city is within the center of this wilderness and currently undesirable, Carlsbad is the perfect location to dump hazardous materials. This makes up nearly all of its economy, besides oil, gasoline and potash.2. A derogatory term for a little town or city.3. Anywhere that smells bad, usually smelling of gas odorants.4. The house regarding the "DFWT(Dumb Fuck in a White Truck)"