What does Carlos mean?

Carlos meaning in Names Dictionary

Spanish as a type of Charles.
Name Origin: Spanish
Name Gender: Male

Carlos meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Spanish type of the Germanic masculine proper title which represented in English by Charles.

Carlos meaning in General Dictionary

Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist dad; trained and caused many terrorist teams (produced in 1949)

Sentence Examples with the word Carlos

On the 13th of February 1880, the minister of war, Dr Carlos Pellegrini, summoned the principal officers connected with the Tiro Nacional, General Bartolome Mitre, his brother Emilio, Colonel Julio Campos, Colonel Hilario Lagos and others, and warned them that as officers of the national army they owed obedience to the national government, and would be severely punished if concerned in any revolutionary outbreak against the constituted authorities.

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