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Germanic/Scandinavian for feminine, or womanly.A girl of great style, beauty, and cleverness.Shy, sensitive and painful, gentle, patient,lively and anexhibitionist, sometimes concealing theconsiderable depths of these character,under a cloak of frivolity.A graceful performer, proven to throw magick spells with therhythm of her feet, and swaying of the woman sides. A fantastic,and insatiable lover, always eager to get the full story.Enchanting eyes, which will pull you within their depths,as she encompasses the heat of the woman look.Loyal to the woman buddies, and enthusiasts, she's going to never betray a trust.Karleen, Karlene, Carlene, Carleen, Kayleen, Germanic, Scandinavian, Gorgeous Goddess... Carlene's will always successful, fabulous, smart, inquisitive with amazing numbersdo not Don't cannot Don't never mix a Carlene she will rip your balls down... safe A really nice girl which underestimates herself.she's in addition very strange at some times but that is why we all love her.She gets frustrated together with her household on occasion but so does every person.A pretty woman which deserves significantly more than this.