What does Carl mean?

Carl meaning in General Dictionary

A rude rustic man a churl

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  • A rude, rustic guy; a churl.
  • huge stalks of hemp which bear the seed; -- called additionally carl hemp.
  • A kind of meals. See citation, the following.

Carl meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Carl meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "bondsman; typical man, man of low beginning," from Old Norse karl "man, male, freeman," from Proto-Germanic *karlon-, exactly the same root that produced Old English ceorl "man of reasonable degree" (see churl). The Mellere was a stout carle for the nones [Chaucer]

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  • masc. correct title, from center tall German Karl "man, husband" (see carl).

Sentence Examples with the word Carl

See Cecilia Math-Holmberg, Carl XV., som enskild man, konung och konstncir (Stockholm, 1891); Yngvar Nielsen, Det norske og svenske Kongehus fra 1818 (Christiania, 1883).

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