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Academically discerning high-school in Sydney's south, juxtapositionally (in most feeling of the non-existent term) situated diagonally opposite Endeavour highschool, possibly as a bleak note to its students of what's feasible whenever one places an individual's brain 'to it'. Inspite of the bounteous, but significantly meek (plus in the opinions of CHS's smug, ridiculously talented pupils, "flattering") taunts and stereotypes that are supplied by the degenerate students of neighbouring schools when you look at the Sutherland Shire area (which typically make up awfully misspelled variants of the words "calculator", "formaldehyde" and "Hubschrauberlandeplatz", Caringbah High School's students pleasure by themselves in obliterating and humiliating said schools, not merely in scholastic feats (namely debating, speaking in public and fundamentally every HSC training course around), additionally sporting tournaments, the yearly "Best-Looking scholar Award", "most useful every thing Award" and "ideal at Getting Awards Award". Wegen der fantastischen Lage des 'Top-Schools', der auf a layer of clay (in the event that you did not recognize that touch of German sarcasm, your IQ is under 170), the college's bottom annexe will host all 950 pupils in the not-too-distant future, making the notable Walkway merely anything becoming marveled by generations to come; a, historic location in which older students asserted their particular real prominence over Year 7 n00bz!