What does Carib mean?

Carib meaning in General Dictionary

A native associated with the Caribbee islands and/or coasts of this Caribbean ocean esp one of a tribe of Indians inhabiting a region of South America north of this Amazon and formerly most of the West India countries

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  • a part of an American Indian peoples of northeastern South America additionally the lower Antilles
  • the household of languages spoken by the Carib
  • A native associated with Caribbee islands or even the coasts of this Caribbean sea; esp., one of a tribe of Indians inhabiting a spot of South America, north of the Amazon, and formerly all the West India islands.

Carib meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Spanish Caribe, from Arawakan kalingo or kalino, thought to imply "brave people" or otherwise "powerful men." As an adjective by 1881.

Sentence Examples with the word Carib

It is doubtful whether the Eme-sal was ever really a woman's language similar in character to that of the Carib women of the Antilles, or that of the Eskimo women of Greenland.

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