What does Caret mean?

Caret meaning in General Dictionary

The hawkbill turtle See Hawkbill

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  • A mark employed by article writers and evidence readers to point that something is interlined above or placed inside margin which belongs in the place marked because of the caret
  • a level used by an author or editor to point where some thing is to be placed into a text
  • A mark [^] utilized by writers and evidence readers to indicate that one thing is interlined above, or inserted into the margin, which belongs into the place marked because of the caret.
  • The hawkbill turtle. See Hawkbill.

Caret meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"mark written down to demonstrate in which some thing will be placed," 1680s, from Latin caret "there was lacking," third person singular indicative of carere "to lack" (see caste).

Caret meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Caret is an inverted V-shaped grapheme. Specifically, caret generally is the spacing character ^ in ASCII (at rule point 5Ehex) alongside personality units that may also be known as a hat, control, uparrow, or less frequently chevron, xor sign, on [power of], fang, shark (or shark-fin), pointer (in Pascal), or wedge. Formally, this character is referred to as circumflex accent both in ASCII and Unicode terminology (due to the historic use within overstrike), whereas caret identifies the same but decreased Unicode character: U+2038 ‸ caret. Furthermore, there clearly was another lowered variation with a stroke: U+2041 ⁁ caret insertion point