What does Career Nazi mean?

Career Nazi meaning in Urban Dictionary

somebody who is really so centered on money, condition and a better job they are blind to many of why is life enjoyable and significant. Things, individuals and experiences that do not directly further their career targets imply absolutely nothing to all of them. The way they dress, what they drive, in which they vacation, whatever they mention is all centered on showing a competent, successful picture of by themselves to people able to employ them, market all of them or give them company. The rest in life is pointless in their mind (until, needless to say, they achieve that success and realize it did not come near completing the hole inside them they thought it might). Chances are they reverse techniques and become all new-agey in an attempt to reverse years of single-minded careerism. Kiddies of the individuals roll their eyes a whole lot and think their particular moms and dads are assholes.