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The A.OK bar for underage drinkers to consume massive quantities of alcoholic beverages no-cost shots and 1 buck beers. More then 70 per cent use 50 bucks florida ID's or Georgetown I.Ds to get into the recently renovated bar. (obviously we are 21 it is america) They key area in D.C in walking distance of CUA Campus (needless to say operating if possible) when it comes to concept of blackout evenings, to play flip cup across the booths, and satisfying a person every ten minutes but forgetting truth be told there names five full minutes just after. The important thing place to bring back once again a drunk blunder.Whoever stated the vacations are meant for partying were incorrect. The club called following the Catholic University Mascot is only loaded school-nights, most frequently Mondays and Thursdays would be the biggest party nights. Students frequently decorate much more when it comes to club then they do for classes and are usually therefore Hangover the next friday are to burnt for classes and to be able to plan an excellent Friday week-end night.Good luck making per night without at least one alcohol getting partly spilt on you. All catholic pupils drink 5 times much more prior to getting into the bar and having to pay a 5 dollar cover-charge after waiting on a five small wait with pupils who will be frequently as drunk exterior because they are inside.BEWARE- Old Female Bouncer is B*tch