What does Cardinal number mean?

Cardinal number meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "one, two, three," etc. in place of ordinal numbers "first, second, third," etc.; so called because they're the principal numbers together with ordinals be determined by all of them (see cardinal (adj.)).

Cardinal number meaning in General Dictionary

the sheer number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity although not your order

Cardinal number meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A cardinal quantity is several that shows just how many single items are in a bunch. For example, 12 disks can be viewed a cardinal number since there are twelve different disks.

Cardinal number meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Two courses tend to be equivalent if there is certainly a one-to-one correspondence among them (see One-one). Cardinal figures are obtained by abstraction (q. v.) pertaining to equivalence, in order for two courses have the same cardinal number if and only if they are comparable. This may be created much more exactly, after Frege, by defining the cardinal wide range of a class to-be the class of courses equal to it. If two classes a and b haven't any people in keeping, the cardinal quantity of the rational sum of a and b is exclusively dependant on the cardinal numbers of a and b, and it is called the sum of the cardinal wide range of a while the cardinal few b. 0 could be the cardinal few the null course. 1 is the cardinal quantity of a device class (all unit classes have the same cardinal number). A cardinal quantity is inductive if it's an associate of each and every course t of cardinal numbers which has the two properties, (1) 0∈ t, and (2) for all x, if x∈ t and y is the sum of x and 1, after that y∈ t. Various other (less exact) words, the inductive cardinal numbers are the ones and this can be achieved from 0 by successive improvements of just one. A course b is countless if you have a course a, distinctive from b, in a way that a ⊂ b and a is comparable to b. Inside contrary instance b is finite. The cardinal few an infinite class is considered unlimited, as well as a finite class, finite. It could be shown that every inductive cardinal number is finite, and, with the axiom of choice, that every finite cardinal quantity is inductive. The most crucial limitless cardinal quantity is the cardinal few the course of inductive cardinal figures (0, 1, 2, . . .); it's known as aleph-zero and symbolized by a Hebrew letter aleph followed closely by a substandard 0. For brevity and simplicity inside preceding account we dismissed complications introduced by the principle of types, that are considerable and troublesome. Adjustments may required if the account will be integrated into the Zermelo set theory. --A.C. G. Cantor, Contributions towards Founding of Theory of Trasfinite Numbers, converted sufficient reason for an introduction bv P.E.B. Jourdain, Chicago and London, 1915. Whitehead and Russell, Principia Mathematica, vol. 2.

Sentence Examples with the word Cardinal number

Now if n be any finite cardinal number, it can be proved that the class of those serial relations, which have a field whose cardinal number is n, is a relation-number.

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