What does Cardamom mean?

Cardamom meaning in General Dictionary

The aromatic good fresh fruit or capsule having its seeds of a few plants associated with the Ginger family members growing in the East Indies and in other places and much used as a condiment as well as in medicine

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  • rhizomatous herb of Asia having aromatic seeds used as seasoning
  • fragrant seeds made use of as seasoning like cinnamon and cloves particularly in pickles and barbeque sauces
  • The aromatic good fresh fruit, or pill along with its seeds, of several flowers regarding the Ginger family members developing in East Indies and elsewhere, and much utilized as a condiment, plus medication.
  • A plant which produces cardamoms, esp. Elettaria Cardamomum and many species of Amomum.

Cardamom meaning in Urban Dictionary

A slang term for a guy's small sized appendage.

Cardamom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from French cardamome, from Latin cardamomum, from Greek kardamomon, from kardamon "cress" (that will be of as yet not known source) + amomon "spice plant." Your message was at English from late 14c. in Latin kind.

Cardamom meaning in Cooking Dictionary

This spruce, through the ginger household, has actually a sweet, ginger-like flavor. Readily available as seeds or ground.

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  • Aromatic seeds utilized for cooking, flavoring coffee-and exotic Scandinavian and Indian dishes. Exemplary whenever freshly surface. Botanical name: Elettaria cardamomum.