What does Carcinoma, Merkel cell mean?

Carcinoma, Merkel cell meaning in Medical Dictionary

An infrequent but extremely cancerous style of cancer of the skin. Characteristically starts in a sun-exposed location (for the mind, neck, hands or legs) in whites 60-80 years of age as a firm, painless, shiny swelling which can be red, pink, or blue in shade and fluctuate in dimensions from lower than one fourth of an inch (a half cm) to more than two inches (5 cm) in diameter. The tumor develops rapidly and sometimes metastasizes (spreads) to other body parts. Even reasonably little tumors can handle metastasis, particularly to the regional (nearby) lymph nodes. Merkel mobile carcinoma follows an aggressive training course that way of melanoma, and has a predilection to distribute to (in an effort of regularity) liver, bone tissue, brain, lung, and epidermis. The prognosis (outlook) is appropriately poor.