What does Carcinoma mean?

Carcinoma meaning in General Dictionary

a type of cancerous disease as a result of epithelial muscle the word was early in the day applied to all types of cancer or even certain non malignant kinds it's compared with sarcoma a malignant kind of cancer tumors as a result of connective muscle See Cancer

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  • any malignant tumor based on epithelial muscle; one of many four major types of cancer tumors
  • A cancer. By some health article authors, the word is used to an indolent tumor. See Cancer.

Carcinoma meaning in Medical Dictionary

Cancer that starts inside epidermis or perhaps in cells that range or cover human anatomy body organs. Examples are carcinoma of the breast, colon, liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, or tummy.

Carcinoma meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"malignant cyst," 1721, from Latin carcinoma, from Greek karkinoma "a cancer," from karkinos "disease," virtually "crab" (see cancer) + -oma.

Carcinoma meaning in Sexual Dictionary

invasive cancerous tumor based on epithelial muscle that sometimes metastasize with other regions of the human anatomy.