What does Carcinogen mean?

Carcinogen meaning in General Dictionary

Any substance that creates cancer tumors concerning test for carcinogens inside drinking water

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  • any substance that produces disease

Carcinogen meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance or broker that creates cancer tumors. Relevant terms are the adjective "carcinogenic" and the nouns "carcinogenesis" and "carcinogenicity." The best-known carcinogens is ionizing radiation.

Carcinogen meaning in Law Dictionary

ny substance, radionuclide or radiation, this is certainly a representative straight involved with causing disease. This might be as a result of capacity to harm the genome or even to the interruption of mobile metabolic processes. Virtually the development of cancer tumors. It is an ongoing process where typical cells tend to be transformed into cancer cells.

Carcinogen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"cancer-causing substance," 1853, from carcinoma + -gen.

Carcinogen meaning in Business Dictionary

Substance that creates or aggravates tumors or other forms of cancer tumors. A substance is known as carcinogen if it's (1) discovered become a carcinogen or prospective carcinogen by the International Agency For Research On Cancer, (2) detailed as carcinogen or prospective carcinogen within the most recent version of Annual Report On Carcinogens posted because of the US National Toxicology plan or, (3) is regulated by the US Occupational security & wellness management (OSHA) as a carcinogen. Carcinogens enter a body through inhalation (of asbestos fiber and tobacco smoke, for example), intake (of hefty metals and pesticides, as an example), and absorption (of dyes and hydrocarbons, as an example) through epidermis. Considering that the growth of disease is through irreversible cellular harm, no safe dose-limit is believed for carcinogens. In comparison, noxious substances cause permanent wellness harm only when contact with all of them exceeds a specific dosage limitation. Most artificial chemical compounds, specifically professional solvents and plastics, are generally already-determined carcinogens or suspected carcinogens.

Carcinogen - German to English


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  • carcinogen

Carcinogen meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

A substance with the capacity of causing or producing disease in mammals.