What does Carborundum mean?

Carborundum meaning in General Dictionary

a lovely crystalline element silicon carbide SiC consisting of carbon and silicon in combination also referred to as carbon silicide it really is produced by heating carbon and sand together in a power furnace The commercial article is dark-colored and iridescent It is more difficult than emery and is utilized as an abrasive

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  • an abrasive composed of silicon carbide crystals

Carborundum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

silicon carbide utilized as an abrasive, (reg. trademark U.S. Summer 21, 1892, by Carborundum Co. of Monongahela City, Pa.), from carbon + corundum.

Sentence Examples with the word Carborundum

Acheson, in 1896, patented an application of his, carborundum process to graphite manufacture, and in 1899 the International Acheson Graphite Co.

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