What does Carboniferous mean?

Carboniferous meaning in General Dictionary

creating or containing carbon or coal

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  • of or regarding the Carboniferous geologic age
  • concerning or composed of or producing carbon
  • from 345 million to 280 million years back
  • manufacturing or containing carbon or coal.

Carboniferous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1830 with reference the geological period, from a word created in English in 1799 to suggest "coal-bearing," from Latin carbo (genitive carbonis) "coal" (see carbon) + -ferous "producing, containing, bearing," from ferre "to bear" (see infer). The great coal beds of European countries were set straight down during this time period. As a stand-alone noun (brief for Carboniferous stage) from 1940s.

Sentence Examples with the word Carboniferous

In the north, Carboniferous beds are present, and the Trias and the Jura take a considerable part in the formation of the chain.

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