What does Carbon dioxide mean?

Carbon dioxide meaning in Medical Dictionary

a gas the byproduct of mobile k-calorie burning and which gathers when you look at the cells, is cleared through the areas by the blood in the veins, is carried because of the hemoglobin in debt blood cells, and removed from your body through the lungs inside exhaled air. Abbreviated CO2.

Carbon dioxide meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1869, so named given that it comprises of one carbon as well as 2 oxygen atoms. The substance ended up being known since mid-18c. in title fixed atmosphere; later on as carbonic acid gasoline (1791). "The expression dioxide for an oxide containing two atoms of oxygen came into use in the middle of the nineteenth century." [Flood].

Carbon dioxide meaning in General Dictionary

much odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of natural substances; soaked up through the atmosphere by flowers in photosynthesis

Sentence Examples with the word Carbon dioxide

The finding of any traces of carbon dioxide in the gas between the first two boxes is generally the signal for a new clean purifier being put into action, and the first one shut off, emptied and recharged with fresh lime, the impregnated material being sometimes sold for dressing certain soils.

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