What does Carbohydrate mean?

Carbohydrate meaning in General Dictionary

among a team of compounds like the sugars starches and gums that have six or some numerous of six carbon atoms united with a variable number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms but with both latter always equal in porportion on develop liquid as dextrose C6H12O6

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  • a vital structural part of residing cells and energy source for animals; includes quick sugars with tiny particles and macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
  • certainly one of several substances including the sugars, starches, and gums, that have six (or some multiple of six) carbon atoms, united with an adjustable number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but using two latter regularly equal in porportion regarding form liquid; as dextrose, C6H12O6.

Carbohydrate meaning in Medical Dictionary

one of several three nutrient compounds, alongside fat and protein, used as energy resources (calories) by the human body. Carbs make the kind of quick sugars or of more complicated forms, such starches and fiber. Hard carbohydrates come naturally from flowers. Consumption of complex carbohydrates, if they are substituted for saturated fat, can reduce cholesterol. Carbohydrates create 4 calories of power per gram. When consumed, all carbs are broken-down to the sugar glucose.

Carbohydrate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1851, from carbo-, brush. form of carbon, + hydrate (n.), denoting chemical created whenever specific substances combine with liquid, from Greek hydor "water" (see liquid (n.1)). Title carbohydrate was presented with to these substances because, in composition, they've been evidently hydrates of carbon. In structure, however, they are far more complex. [Flood]

Carbohydrate meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an essential class of meals produced from natural nutrients. You can find three classes of significance: 1. Cellulose: indigestible fiber. 2. Sugars: fructose, sucrose, glucose plus complex sugars. All are easily absorbed consequently they are full of calories. 3. Starches: complex substances produced from cereal grains, legumes or veggies. These have significantly more nutrients than many other carbohydrates and take longer to eat up.

Sentence Examples with the word Carbohydrate

Therefore an increase in photosynthesis caused by the multiplication of plant microorganisms will lead to the precipitation of calcium carbonate, for carbonic acid will be withdrawn from solution to take part in carbohydrate synthesis by the plants.

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