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a tool manufactured by Coca-Cola in order to make a engine run on carbinated drinks using a design from another location just like a "Carburator". These devices ended up being larger then typical carburators and required employing a unique InSteak Manifold. The system had a series of interior chambers and devices that refined the fuel to really make it suitable for burning. Whenever Carbinated liquid initially entered the system it can pass through the FluxTransFunctioner (FTF) which would place the fuel in a flux condition before it passed through the RotaryGurder so that it would vaporize. The co2 combine would come to be exceptionally volatile since it passed through Burperator. Stepping from the Carbon Pedal or (gasoline Pedal) it could open an individual Dutch Rudder to allow the mixture to go into the motor. High Performance versions had a Double Dutch Rudder setup that allowed the releasing of more fuel into the motor. Both setups were extremely efficent at 88 mph but had a tendancy become troublesome with regards to stumbled on starting the vehicle at that time when it had been most significant.