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a casino game played from the roads with cars. A couple in each car: one driver plus one chaser. A small grouping of vehicle owners get-together and drive around neighborhoods chasing after both. At purple lights, deadends, or traps the chaser jumps out from the car and tags another participating vehicle. He/she then jumps back their particular assigned automobile and drives away. The tagged vehicle is currently "it". The video game goes on until one gets stopped by the authorities or individuals go out of gasoline money. Task enjoyed by adults who have recently aquired motorists permits. Geographic boundries are determined through a vote. A rabit automobile is chosen through stone, paper, scisors. That automobile after that gets a 10 min head start, must drive making use of their lights on, window down, and will not park. One other members then go searching for this bunny automobile. A tag is conducted when a chaser vehicle is within honking range while the bunny automobile hears the chaser automobile. Both automobiles after that return to a predetermined "base camp" where in actuality the automobile that got the rabbit then becomes the bunny.