What does Capsicum capsicum mean?

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A genus of peppers, that incorporate capsaicin which produces the burning up feeling on the toungue and in your mouth... Therefore the stuff that makes them hot even though the Red Savina Habanero is the hottest pepper on the planet and tops heat Scale for peppers at around 350,000-580,000 Scoville devices the scale used gauge the heat of peppers(Jalepeno Peppers range from 2,500 - 5,000 Scoville Units as a reference) Pure capsicum(capsaicin) tops this scale far above the hottest peppers sitting atop the scoville heat scale at 10,000,000 units it's inedible for most people plus they now put it to use to really make the world's hottest hot sauces which men and women often will purchase to say they purchased it while never ever actually eating it most of these hot sauces could have directions as well as on them reading "CAUTION never to be right consumed only to be used as a component in cooking" and so forth, in order to reckon that it's rather hot, spicy, and dangerous. a vegetable, whenever red, which full of supplement c. additionally spelled improperly & pronounced improperly by morons that slowed down psychologically. eg capsicum