What does Capsicum mean?

Capsicum meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of plants of many types creating capsules or dried out fruits of varied kinds that have an exceedingly pungent biting flavor when ground form the red or Cayenne pepper of commerce

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  • any one of various exotic flowers for the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
  • chiefly exotic perennial shrubby flowers having many-seeded fruits: nice and hot peppers
  • A genus of flowers of many types, producing capsules or dried out berries of numerous types, which have an extremely pungent, biting style, and when ground form the purple or Cayenne pepper of trade.

Capsicum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

genus of pepper flowers, 1660s, of unidentified beginning, a word said to have been chosen by French botanist Joseph Pitton de Tournefort (1656-1708); possibly irregularly formed from Latin capsa "box" (see situation (n.2)).

Capsicum meaning in Cooking Dictionary

"group of peppers including cherry, banana, bell, Tabasco, jalapeño, habañero, etc., which end up in two categories: chiles and sweet peppers. Typical black-and-white pepper - created from berries from vines for the Piperaceae family members - are not botanically related. "

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  • the household title for sweet and hot peppers. Large pepper with a somewhat sweet taste. Also called a pepper, or nice pepper. Obtainable in green (most frequent), red and yellowish.

Sentence Examples with the word Capsicum

Sow capsicum and tomato; also in slight heat such tender herbs as basil and marjoram.

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