What does Capriole mean?

Capriole meaning in General Dictionary

to execute a capriole

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  • A leap that a horse makes with all fours upwards only without advancing but with a kick or jerk of the hind legs when at the height of the leap
  • perform a capriole, of ponies in dressage
  • perform a capriole, in dancing
  • (dressage) a vertical jump of a trained horse with a kick of hind legs near the top of the jump
  • a playful leap or hop
  • A leap that a horse tends to make with fours, upwards only, without advancing, however with a kick or jerk regarding the hind feet whenever during the height for the leap.
  • A leap or caper, like in dance.
  • to do a capriole.

Capriole meaning in Sports Dictionary

An haute ecole maneuver where horse kicks away with its hind legs while leaping with four legs off the ground. (recreation: Dressage)