What does Capri mean?

Capri meaning in General Dictionary

Wine created on island of Capri frequently a light dry white wine

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  • an island (section of Campania) in Bay of Naples in southern Italy; a traveler destination noted for beautiful views

Capri meaning in Names Dictionary

The goat.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Capri meaning in Etymology Dictionary

island inside Bay of Naples, of unknown origin: Latin capra "she-goat," Greek kapros "boar," Etruscan capra "burial place" all have now been suggested. As a kind of wine, 1877; as a form of jeans, 1956 (see Capri pants).

Sentence Examples with the word Capri

The white muscat wines of Vesuvius are also of good quality, and the island of Capri produces some excellent wine.

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