What does Cappi mean?

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Cappi may be the sweetest guy you may ever before satisfy. Easy to fall for. Good looking, smart, funny, out going, forgiving and sweet. He constantly features the back if you want him. He has a good spontaneity and a large heart. He's got a sensative side to him, a sarcastic side, a funny part, a significant side, and a loving side. Never mess with Cappi's pals, family, or gf because he's maybe not afraid to beat your ass. For cappi, family members constantly comes first, after that buddies and everyone else. He could be truely outstanding guy and im fortunate to have him during my life. In fact im fortunate to-be dating one. He means the planet in my experience. He could be not only my boyfriend, additionally my companion. Thank you for being the way you way you will be rather than change hottie. :)