What does Capitol mean?

Capitol meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"building in which U.S. Congress meets," 1793 (in writings of Thomas Jefferson), from Latin Capitolium, temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus regarding Capitoline Hill in old Rome. Used early in the day of Virginia state houses (1699). Its used in United states community structure deliberately evokes Roman republican imagery. With regards to the Roman citadel, it really is recorded in English from late 14c., via Old North French capitolie. Relationship of Capitoline to money is probable however specific.

Capitol meaning in General Dictionary

a building occupied by a state legislature

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  • the federal government building in Washington where in fact the us senate additionally the House of Representatives satisfy
  • The temple of Jupiter, at Rome, from the Mona Capitolinus, where in fact the Senate came across.
  • The edifice at Washington occupied by the Congress of the United States; in addition, the building in which the legislature of condition holds its sessions; a statehouse.

Sentence Examples with the word Capitol

The State Capitol Square (to acres) is not owned by the city.

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