What does Capitation mean?

Capitation meaning in General Dictionary

A numbering of minds or individuals

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  • a tax levied on such basis as a fixed amount per individual
  • A numbering of minds or people.
  • A tax upon each mind or individual, regardless of residential property; a poll income tax.

Capitation meaning in Urban Dictionary

to possess people feet removed the alternative of decapitation

Capitation meaning in Medical Dictionary

In US health solutions, a hard and fast 'per capita' quantity which compensated to a hospital, hospital, or physician for each person served. If it person utilizes few solutions, the surplus quantity paid is possible revenue for payee. If the individual uses many solutions, the payee may lose money.

Capitation meaning in Law Dictionary

fee, cost or a tax which levied on a per person foundation.

Capitation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "counting of minds," from Late Latin capitationem (nominative capitatio), noun of activity from past participle stem of a verb produced from caput "head" (see capitulum). Indicating "levying of a poll taxation" is from 1640s.

Capitation meaning in Business Dictionary

Charge, charge, or taxation levied on every head (per individual) foundation.

Sentence Examples with the word Capitation

He even threatened Rome itself, and claimed a capitation tax.

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