What does Capital flight mean?

Capital flight meaning in Economics Dictionary

When CAPITAL moves quickly out of a country, frequently because one thing happens that causes investors unexpectedly to reduce confidence in its economy. (Strictly talking, the problem is not so much the MONEY leaving, but rather that people in general out of the blue reduced their valuation of all assets associated with country.) This might be specifically worrying when the journey capital is one of the nation’s very own citizens. This is often connected with a sharp fall in the EXCHANGE PRICE for the abandoned country’s money.

Capital flight meaning in Law Dictionary

In business economics, takes place when assets and/or cash rapidly move regarding a country, as a result of an economic occasion that disturbs investors and causes them to reduce their valuation for the possessions because country, or elsewhere to lose self-confidence in its economic power.

Capital flight meaning in Business Dictionary

Open or clandestine, appropriate or unlawful, activity of a large amount of income (called trip money) from an economically or politically unstable nation to a reliable one. The usual objective is asset security and not taxation evasion.