What does Capital Market mean?

Capital Market meaning in Finance Dictionary

the overall term for the marketplace for which method to long-lasting capital is raised, including stock and relationship areas. It is the intermediaries at investment financial institutions and brokerages which result in the markets.

Capital Market meaning in Law Dictionary

The part of a financial system focused on increasing capital by working in shares, bonds, along with other lasting opportunities.

Capital Market meaning in Business Dictionary

A financial market that works well as a conduit for demand and provide of debt and equity capital. It channels the income given by savers and depository organizations (banks, credit unions, insurance vendors, etc.) to consumers and investees through a number of monetary devices (bonds, notes, stocks) called securities. a money marketplace is not a concise unit, but a very decentralized system made up of three major parts: (1) currency markets, (2) bond marketplace, and (3) money market. In addition works as an exchange for investing existing statements on money in the shape of shares.