What does Capital Gain mean?

Capital Gain meaning in Finance Dictionary

The amount chargeable to capital gains taxation (CGT) from gains made from the disposal of a secured asset. Regarding stocks and shares, the gain may be the difference between the profits of attempting to sell the shares in addition to amount you taken care of them modified for indexation. In determining the acquisition expense, agent commissions and stamp task are included. In determining the disposal proceeds, commissions also fees sustained undergoing selling can be subtracted. The calculation of s taxation depends on the yearly exemption, the amount of various other gains or losings in the income tax year, and taper relief.

Capital Gain meaning in Law Dictionary

extent through which the price tag of a valuable asset exceeds the acquisition cost; the gain is recognized if the asset is sold

Capital Gain meaning in Business Dictionary

Profit discovered from the purchase (disposal) of a money asset, or from holding it during a period when its marketplace value is increasing. Such gains usually attract capital gains tax.

Capital Gain meaning in General Dictionary

the quantity wherein the price tag of a secured asset surpasses the purchase price; the gain is realized when the asset comes