What does Capillary mean?

Capillary meaning in General Dictionary

a tube or vessel excessively fine or small

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  • Resembling a hair good min really slender having minute pipes or interspaces having very small bore since the capillary vessels of pets and flowers
  • of or associated with hair
  • lengthy and thin with a really tiny internal diameter
  • some of the min arteries connecting arterioles with venules
  • a tube of tiny inner diameter; keeps fluid by capillary activity
  • Resembling a tresses; fine; minute; really thin; having minute pipes or interspaces; having tiny bore; as, the capillary vessels of creatures and flowers.
  • Pertaining to capillary tubes or vessels; as, capillary action.
  • A tube or vessel, excessively good or small.
  • A minute, thin-walled vessel; specifically the tiniest bloodstream linking arteries and veins, but utilized in addition for the littlest lymphatic and biliary vessels.

Capillary meaning in Medical Dictionary

a little blood-vessel that links an arteriole (the littlest unit of an artery) with a venule (the littlest division of a vein). Although tiny, the capillary plays an imortant role into the circulatory system. The walls of capillaries work as semipermeable membranes that enable the change of various substances, including liquids additionally the gases air and carbon-dioxide, between your system and also the tissues associated with the human anatomy.

Capillary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "of or related to hair," from Latin capillaris "of hair," from capillus "hair" (associated with the head); maybe related to caput "head" (but de Vaan locates this "difficult from the formal side" and "far from compelling, since capillus is a diminutive, and would mean 'little head', which hardly amounts to 'hair'"). Lent previous as capillar (14c.). Meaning "taking place in capillary vessels" is from 1809. Capillary destination attested from 1813. As a noun, "capillary blood vessel," from 1660s.

Capillary meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

A tube having a tremendously small inside diameter.

Sentence Examples with the word Capillary

To xxxii., including accounts of some interesting experiments in magnetism and capillary attraction.

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