What does Capillaries mean?

Capillaries meaning in Medical Dictionary

capillary vessel are the smallest of bloodstream. They offer to circulate oxygenated blood from arteries into tissues of the body and also to give deoxygenated blood through the areas into the veins. The capillary vessel tend to be therefore a central component into the circulatory system, really between your arteries and the veins. When red aspects of epidermis tend to be squeezed, this leads to blanching because blood is pushed from the capillaries. The bloodstream could be the liquid in the torso that contains, among other elements, the red bloodstream cells (erythrocytes) that carry the air and present the blood its red colorization.

Sentence Examples with the word Capillaries

The swollen waxy capillaries are pressing on the columns of liver cells and are causing marked atrophy.

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