What does Capasitor mean?

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A capasitor is capable of keeping power.A capasitor is an electronic component that is out there regarding two reasonably large conductor(s), that you can get near both, devided by an isolator.This ability or capacity(therefore capasitor) is expressed in a unit: Farad(symbol "F"). A capasitor this is certainly charged with 1 Coulomb, with a Voltage of just one, gets the capasity of just one Farad.The first capasitor ended up being the "Leidse Fles"(Leidse "Bottle"). Designed in the University of Leiden, by Pieter van Musschenbroek.you can find various kinds of capasitors;-the people which are inside you're pc or tv on "chip-plates": you realize the ones that seem like little fixed batteries;-elekrolythical(large capability, relative low ohms weight, typically employed for stabilisation of electric stress (elco)-ceramical-plastic "film" as an isolator-mica-flexible(for example in a radio to tune)-oilcapasitors(for high capacity)