What does Canting mean?

Canting meaning in General Dictionary

the utilization of cannot hypocrisy

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  • Speaking in a whining modulation of voice making use of technical or religious terms affectedly affectedly pious as a canting rogue a canting tone
  • of Cant
  • Speaking in a whining modulation of voice; utilizing technical or religious terms affectedly; affectedly pious; as, a canting rogue; a canting tone.
  • the employment of cant; hypocrisy.

Canting meaning in Sports Dictionary

permitting the rifle to turn laterally when intending, with all the outcome your sights aren't perfectly vertical whenever chance is fired. (recreation: Shooting - Rifle Shooting)

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  • a way of modifying skiing shoes and that means you remain flat on your own skis. (recreation: Skiing)
  • a technique of adjusting your shoes so you stay level on your own skis. (recreation: Ski Jumping)

Sentence Examples with the word Canting

On the continent of Europe the practice is common of notching the sleeper so as to give the rail a slight cant inwards - a result obtained in England by canting the rail in the chairs - and metal plates or strips of felt are put under the rail, which is carefully fastened to the sleeper by screwed spikes (fig.

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