What does Canterbury mean?

Canterbury meaning in General Dictionary

A city in England providing its title numerous articles This is the seat for the Archbishop of Canterbury primate of most England possesses the shrine of Thomas agrave Becket that pilgrimages were formerly made

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  • a city in Kent in southeastern The united kingdomt; web site associated with the cathedral in which Thomas a Becket was martyred in 1170; seat of this archbishop and primate associated with Anglican Church
  • A city in England, providing its name different articles. It could be the seat associated with the Archbishop of Canterbury (primate of most England), and possesses the shrine of Thomas a Becket, that pilgrimages were previously made.
  • A stand with divisions inside for holding songs, loose reports, etc.

Canterbury meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Henry V' Archbishop of Canterbury.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Canterbury meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English Cantware-buruh "fortified town regarding the Kentish individuals," from Cant-ware "the folks of Kent" (see Kent). The Roman name was Duroverno, from Romano-British *duro- "walled town." Pope Gregory the fantastic intended to make London, since the biggest south Anglo-Saxon city, the metropolitan view of south The united kingdomt, but Christianity got a foothold first in the minor kingdom of Kent, whose heathen ruler Ethelbert had married a Frankish Christian princess. London was in the Kingdom of Essex and out of reach for the missionaries in the beginning. Consequently, to some extent maybe to flatter Ethelbert, his capital was made the cathedral town. Related: Canterburian.

Sentence Examples with the word Canterbury

He submitted, however, to the Elizabethan settlement of religion, and was rewarded with the archdeaconry of Middlesex, a canonry at Canterbury and in 1560 with the deanery of St Paul's.

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