What does Canopus mean?

Canopus meaning in General Dictionary

a celebrity of first magnitude in southern constellation Argo

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  • supergiant star 650 light-years from world; second brightest celebrity inside sky
  • A star associated with the very first magnitude inside south constellation Argo.

Canopus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

bright southern star, 1550s, eventually from Greek Kanopos, Kanobos perhaps from Egyptian Kahi Nub "golden planet." The association with "weight" found in the title of the celebrity in certain northern tongues may reflect the reality that it never rises far above the horizon in those latitudes. In addition title of a town in old reduced Egypt (fabled for its temple of Serapis), ergo canopic jar, canopic vase, which presented the entrails of embalmed figures (1878).

Sentence Examples with the word Canopus

The tablet of Canopus shows that there were two festivals of Bubastis, the great and the lesser: perhaps the lesser festival was!held at Memphis, where the quarter called Ankhto contained a temple to this goddess.

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