What does Canola Oil mean?

Canola Oil meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A bland oil made from rapeseeds; contains omega-3 efas and less saturated fat than many other veggie natural oils. It's blended with other oils to make margarine, and because of its simple style it really is ideal for salad dressings and cooking. Also referred to as rapeseed oil. Because it is the essential trusted oil in Canada, the Canadian seed-oil business changed the market title to canola. It's also referred to in Canada as lear oil, for "low erucic acid rapeseed" oil.

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  • This simple is the best option for preparing since it is inexpensive, excessively lower in fats, has a high burning point, and will not detract through the flavor of food with which it really is combined.

Canola Oil meaning in General Dictionary

veggie oil made of rapeseed; its full of monounsaturated efas