What does Cannabis mean?

Cannabis meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of an individual species belonging to the purchase Uricaceaelig hemp

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  • any plant regarding the genus Cannabis; a coarse bushy annual with palmate leaves and clusters of tiny green flowers; yields tough materials and narcotic medicines
  • the essential widely used illicit medicine; considered a soft medicine, it is made from the dried leaves regarding the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric impact
  • A genus of one species belonging to the order Uricaceae; hemp.

Cannabis meaning in Medical Dictionary

Marijuana (Cannibis sativa), a drug produced by the household of flowers which includes hemp. Cannabis could be smoked or consumed. Usage of cannabis produces a mild sense of euphoria, as well as impairments in judgment and lengthened response time. Although cannabis make use of is illegal generally in most countries, the plant appears to have some possibility of health usage, especially as a palliative for glaucoma and disease-related losing appetite and wasting, as it is usually seen in disease, AIDS, along with other diseases. In certain aspects of the united states, people whoever doctors recommend the health usage of cannabis can obtain unique permission.

Cannabis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1798, "common hemp," from Cannabis, Modern Latin plant genus known as (1728), from Greek kannabis "hemp," a Scythian or Thracian word. Additionally supply of Armenian kanap', Albanian kanep, Russian konoplja, Persian kanab, Lithuanian kanapes "hemp," and English fabric and perhaps hemp. In mention of use of the plant parts as an intoxicant, from 1848. Associated: Cannabic.

Cannabis - German to English

bud [sl.]

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  • cannabis
  • dope [sl.]
  • lawn [sl.]
  • shit [vulg.] [cannabis]

Sentence Examples with the word Cannabis

Frequently the leaves powdered together with equal quantities of the powdered leaves of the Cannabis Indica and lobelia mixed with potassium nitrate are burned in an open dish.

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