What does Canister mean?

Canister meaning in General Dictionary

a tiny basket of rushes reeds or willow twigs etc

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  • a metallic cylinder filled with chance and made use of as ammo in a firearm
  • material container for storing dried out meals eg beverage or flour
  • a little basket of rushes, reeds, or willow twigs, etc.
  • a tiny package or situation for holding beverage, coffee, etc.
  • a type of case shot for cannon, which several lead or iron balls in levels tend to be inclosed in an instance installing the weapon; -- labeled as additionally canister shot.

Canister meaning in Urban Dictionary

A london (especially south-east) term. Another term for "head".

Canister meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 15c., "basket," from Latin canistrum "wicker container" for bread, fruit, flowers, etc., from Greek kanystron "basket made from reed," from kanna (see cane (letter.)). It stumbled on mean "metal receptacle" (1711) through influence of can (letter.). As quick for canister shot, it's attested from 1801, so called for its casing.

Sentence Examples with the word Canister

Next let the canister be touched with the finger, the leaves collapse, but diverge again when the ball is withdrawn.

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