What does Candlefish mean?

Candlefish meaning in General Dictionary

A marine seafood Thaleichthys Pacificus allied toward smelt on the north Pacific shore labeled as in addition eulachon It is therefore oily that after dried out it may possibly be made use of as a candle by attracting a wick through it

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  • A marine fish (Thaleichthys Pacificus), allied to your smelt, located on the north Pacific coastline; -- labeled as also eulachon. It's so greasy that, when dried, it could be utilized as a candle, by attracting a wick through it
  • The beshow.

Candlefish meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an abundant and greasy moderate:flavored fish. This variety of smelt is so known as because Indians sometimes operate a wick through their large:fat flesh and employ all of them for candles. Also known as the "Eulachon."