What does Cancer, testicles mean?

Cancer, testicles meaning in Medical Dictionary

Testicular cancer tumors the most typical types of cancer in younger males. The testicles produce the hormone testosterone and makes sperm. This kind of cancer is most often discovered by males on their own as a lump when you look at the testicle. The possibility of disease regarding the testicles is increased in men whose testicles did not descend to the scrotum (holding sac for testicles) during fetal development. This condition is called cryptorchidism or undescended testicles. Whenever a rise when you look at the testicle is detected, cancer tumors is confirmed after surgery regarding the affected testicle (orchiectomy) and examination of the structure under a microscope. Testicular cancer tumors is virtually constantly curable in case it is found early. Contemporary chemotherapy may also cure the majority of those whose testicular types of cancer are located at more complex stage, that's, which have spread elsewhere in the torso.