What does Cancer, ovarian mean?

Cancer, ovarian meaning in Medical Dictionary

A malignant cyst associated with ovary, the egg sac in a lady. Women who have actually a household reputation for ovarian disease are in an increased chance of developing ovarian disease. Hereditary ovarian cancer accocunts for half the normal commission of most cases of ovarian cancer tumors. Three genetic patterns are identified: ovarian cancer alone, ovarian and breast cancers, and ovarian and colon types of cancer. Ovarian disease is hard to identify early because there tend to be no signs in addition to symptoms which do happen are vague. Detection involves physical assessment (including pelvic exam), ultrasound, X-ray tests, CA 125 test, and biopsy of this ovary. Many ovarian growths in women under age 30 are harmless (noncancerous), fluid-filled cysts.